Palango! Fitness

Palango! is a SIMPLE, FUN, INTENSE cardio-toning and endurance group exercise class that combines the best of Latin music and movements with powerful fitness moves from boxing, Capoeira kick boxing, Muay Thai knees and other elements of traditional martial arts.

Each choreographed song has only 3 to 4 simple steps that are easily executed, and precisely integrated to keep you moving, and burning calories and fat. Palango! is not your traditional dance class, this is a super-fun fat-burning workout.

Felix Ojeda

Fitness Instructor & Owner

From Venezuela with over 30 years experience on the fitness world, Felix loves all kid of MMA Styles of fight and specially Capoeira. He decided to combine the best Latin Music with powerfull MMA moves. Passion, energy and fun are the main charadterics of Felix's routines and classes.