Rhythm Revolution

Science has proven that music, when used dynamically and intentionally with physical fitness, creates deep physical vibrations that transform the mind, body and spirit. At the RR, we keep it real, we keep it raw, we keep it fresh and we welcome all. It's not about the numbers, not about the data, it's about the FEELS. It's not about the diet, it's not about how skinny you think you need to become, it's about the JOURNEY of optimal longevity. It's not about the experiences you've already had, it's about the ones you haven't. It's less about I and more about We. It’s ultimately about how we continuously tune ourselves to align with the rhythm of life.

Jasmine Anderson


Owner, Curator & mastermind of the whole damn RR enchilada. With 9 years vast experience in many fitness modalities, Jas or Jazzy as we call her, posses a deep, vibrant passion for what she calls a sexy "love affair" between all things music and physical movement.

Alejandra Devolviera


A professional bringer of good vibes and one of a kind mojo. She's a passionate leader, mother, and is an avid life lesson learner and grower. Her high energy aura and classes are driven by musical elements and fluid movements as she's a true beat chaser in all modalities.

Jana Everett


Our "care bear" that always makes you feel right at home. Jana's got a playlist for every mood,every type of event and has a deep love for life including its highs, lows, peaks and pits. Small but mighty, this little lady packs some serious punch and will challenge you to find and embrace your inner badass.

Sonja Hatcher

Yoga Instructor

Sonja likes to live her life like that of a sunflower: face to the sun. She discovered her passion for yoga a little over 3 years ago and has been dedicated to deepening her personal practice and teaching style ever since. She encourages her students to flow to the organic beat in our hearts by connecting with our true, authentic selves.