Big Booty Yoga

Yoga has significantly changed Kady Lafferty’s life and the way she feels about her body. From that growth, came the creation of Big Booty Yoga. Kady aims to use her yoga practice and teaching to show that there is no such thing as a “yoga body” and to inspire others to believe that they are all capable of more than they can even imagine. Kady believes that yoga should be accessible to all and can impact people from any background. She jokes that if five years ago someone told her she would be a champion for yoga, she would tell them to go have another drink.

Kady Lafferty

Yoga Instructor, Owner

I aim to break stereotypes, inspire yogis of all backgrounds, do as much yoga as possible and try not to take myself too seriously in the process. To me, we are all in this together- we are all one. So step outside your comfort zone and encourage a stranger!