Amy Baker Yoga

I began on my mat. I went to my mat full of imbalance and disconnection. Through the grace of countless teachers and a dedicated practice, I have come to find the aspects of this practice that help me discover what is needed to more skillfully ride the waves of life.

And to be clear, it’s a work in progress.

It is evident that I have been in those sticky places on the mat and in my life. I'll be the one down in the dirt beside you encouraging you to forge on your path.

Amy Baker

Yoga Instructor

Yoga is my service to my students and to this world. I continue to share my passion for yoga as the founder of “Yoga in the Eagle Town Park” and with Come Back Yoga and other conscious organizations. When not teaching yoga, I can be found corralling my three gremlins, searching for moments of solitude and the best hike for toddlers.