Amy Bancroft and "company"

Amy Bancroft is the Blended-Fitness Guru, a perfect match for all you "Experience Junkies" out there. She has taught a wide variety of Fitness modalities (HITT, Yoga, Kickboxing, and Dance) in her Professional career of 10+ years, and curates an immersive and empowering workout, to inspire a fresh perspective on Movement.

Her Brand, Amy Bancroft and "company", is a nod to "the company you keep, communities of like-minded individuals". 


Amy Bancroft

Fitness Instructor

Amy believes that making the choice to nourish your temple through movement, always feels better when done with others. "we Welcome. we Celebrate. we Move.", indeed captures a Fitness class lead by Ms. Bancroft: thoughtfully curated music playlists, overflowing with energy...and she wants you never forget: "We are here to drip sweat and have fun."