The Willpower Method

How about a workout that FILLS you with energy? THE WILLPOWER PROJECT provides you with the physical framework for smart, intense exercise through a body-mind cardio fusion: jump, lunge, twist and stretch while experiencing moving meditation.  Turn your tension into recycled energy that fuels you!  You’ll leave this barefoot session feeling inspired, confident, and physically complete from the inside out.

Stacey Lei Krauss

Founder & Fitness Instructor

Stacey is the creator of the mindful fusion program The willPower Method®; specializing in foot-fitness since 2000. Transformative Arts and Reiki practitioner, she approaches her teaching through integrated sensory practices. Stacey Lei has represented the most prominent brands in the industry as a Master Trainer and Program Developer; Schwinn, BOSU, Peak Pilates®, Nike® and Vibram FiveFingers®.