The River

Stepping into The River is an unforgettable experience. The River is a beautiful, safe and welcoming space flowing with united and inspired people. The River is hOMe. Those that enter feel seen, heard, known, and lovingly challenged.  The environment is one of openness and acceptance, where we take risks from a place of compassion so that we can clearly see, realize, and actualize our personal potential.

Megan Smith

Yoga Instructor

A fire was lit inside of Megan as she continued to dig deeper into her yoga practice with the 300-hour training at The River. Megan believes that Yoga is truly a journey to the inner most depths of ourselves where we can begin to nurture, build and expand into our fullest potential. In her classes she creates a safe space for students to breath, smile, explore themselves, build strength, flexibility and a whole lot of self-love.

Katy Rowe

Yoga Instructor

It was not love at first pose. She says something deeper kept her returning to the sometimes painful reflection of her mat. Life just kept leading her back to yoga and the teaching of. Katy has been a steward of yoga for 8 years. She loves sharing this ancient wisdom and medicine with whomever will listen.