Wind Wellness

My yoga journey began in 2002 as a combination of my thirst for knowledge and my love of movement. At first, my physical practice was only for exercise (or so I thought) while the philosophy of yoga was relegated to my academic studies. I continued to deepen my understandings of yoga, both on and off the mat, by teaching yoga in studios while studying for my doctorate degree at The University of Denver. I completed my PhD in Yoga Studies in 2015 and intend to use my knowledge of the academics and experience of the physical practice to teach the inherent and necessary connections that yoga makes between the body, the mind and the soul.

Dr. Christa Schwind

Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach

Christa is a college professor and serves on the steering committee for the Yoga Theory and Practice Group at the American Academy of Religion. She is (most importantly) a wife and mama as well as the founder of Wind Wellness; a company that connects research + philosophy+ spirituality+ physicality to healthy lifestyle through workshops, events, retreats and one-on-one education.